Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chayolei Hamelech - Holding Hands United

New music album featuring 9 camp songs, with original lyrics composed in Chayolei Hamelech, over the last four summers.

Produced by: Mendel Friedman

Directed by: Yossel Friedman and Zalmy Bryski

Vocals: Mendel Selwyn, Yanky Blasberg, Velvel Gordon, Shraga Telsner and Yossel Friedman

Musical arrangements and recording by: Benshimon Studios

Songs written by: Yoni Zeigelbaum, Levi Kershinberg, Didy Waks, Levi Marlow, Zalmen Baumgarten, Zalmy Raksin, Chanoch Rosenfeld, Mordechai Kaplan, Levi Avtzon, Chaim Stern, Gershon Reisnberg, Aizik Chanin and Rabbi Maychee Sherr.

CD cover design and layout by:

Promo Video by: Mendel Levin and Yossel Weinberger

Special thanks to: Rabbi Yankel Spritzer, Rabbi Shloime Rutman, Zalmy Spritzer, Mendel Friedman, Yossel Weinberger, Yossel Friedman, Zalmy Bryski and Shraga Telsner.


  1. Sounds really nice, where can i buy the CD?

  2. I like the way the kids are sining, very warm and with heart. Most of the music today is so face, this really something real!