Monday, November 30, 2009

להקת הלפיד-חזרות על השיר "כולם אהובים"

simchas beis hasheavo 5770 2009 kulom ahuvim

Kulom Ahuvim at the Outside the Baal Shemtov's Kever

פרומו מתוך ההופעה של שש מצוות

Cantor Yisroel Bernstein - Ushamnu Mikol Um

Lma'an Achai - Yehuda Green in Baltimore

Barcheinu - Yehuda Green Sings in Baltimore

Return Again - Yehuda Green Sings in Baltimore

Yisrael B'tach BaHashem - Yehuda Green Sings in Baltimore

Spinka - Selish wedding

Chaim David - Yama My

Talented Badchen, Yonesen Schwartz On Stage

Avraham Fried - Hupp Cossack

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


MBD Sings Kanes 1988

A Gruntig Exclusive!

Mimkomcha - Jewish Music

אבי פרץ בביצוע לשיר עלה קטן שלי של

Be Heimish

Be Heimish is a song that was recorded to raise funds for Chai Lifeline. Feel free to Download and please Donate (Suggested Donation $18 but every dollar counts).

The song is sung by Chaim Miller, composed by Chaim Miller, Benji Weintraub, and Sruli Portnoy. Recorded by Shmuli Glick in Camp Simcha Studios. for more please visit

BERRI WEBER Singing With Freilach Orchestra

World Famous Badchen Pinky Weber Performing At A Wedding - Pt 2

Cantor Yakov Yitzchok Rosenfeld - Who Are You

Benny Friedman Singing at Knesset Eliyahu Synagogue in Mumbai

LIVE: Cantor Shimon Leitner in Concert - Akavyo from Koussevitsky

Yidn Mashiach - LIPA Schmeltzer

Pinches (Pinky) Weber Joining Yanky Briskman At the Keyboard

Neshoma Orchestra - Ateres Avraham

Moshe Hecht Concert

New Wedding Song

Ara'le Samet With Yanky Daskal At A Wedding

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

מענדל רוזנבערג בדחנ'ט

Yossi Piamenta with Kids of Courage



Badchen Velvi Feldman performing by a simcha

World Famous Badchen Pinky Weber Performing By A Wedding - Pt 1

Eli Levin Sings Moriah Eli Cohen On Keyboard


Eli Schwebel from Lev Tohor sings Shwekey's Im Eshkocheich With Shira Choir

אבי נקש והישראלים

Abish Brodt Sings Shalom Aleichem With Shloime Dachs Orchestra

Project Relax 2 by Shloimy Daskal (Main)

Dovid Dachs Sings Hamalach Hagoel with Shira Choir

Razel V'hee Sheomdo by YOSSI BAYLES,

Isaac Honig Singing at the Galante Wedding

Ara'le Samet & Meir Adler - Ki Hirbeisu

arevim shwekey

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wedding Music Ballroom Entrance with LIPA Schmeltzer


Hora Dance LIPA Schmeltzer & YOSSI BAYLES Orchestra - Miami USA 2009

Neshoma Nigun LIPA Schmeltzer & YOSSI BAYLES Orchestra - Carlebach

Cantor Simon Cohen Lo Amut Gottbeiter Kol Rina Choir

Adon Olam Medley Simon Cohen Chaim David Berson Azi Shwartz & Colin Schachat

HENTELECH Wedding with LIPA Schmeltzer & the YOSSI BAYLES

Freilach Dance with LIPA Schmeltzer & YOSSI BAYLES

freilach band - berri weber sings Belokim

freilach band - berri weber

LIPA Schmeltzer & Yossi Bayles And His YBO Orchestra,

Lipa & Shloime Dachs

Florida Chabad Wedding - LIPA Schmeltzer & YOSSI BAYLES And His YBO Orchestra,

Avi Perets Singing at a Wedding 2

Shmeichel - Shloime Gertner

Shema Bni - Shloime Gertner

Avi Perets at a Wedding in Williamsburg

Nissim - Shloime Gertner


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kulom Ahuvim Live! Promo #1

Shira Chadasha V'Zakenu Kislev 5770

Benny Friedman singing Moshiach by Chicago (Kahn) Wedding

מאמינים בני מאמינים - נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן

Yisroel Werdyger AT A WEDDING SINGS Tenachamu

Aron groz and Sruly Werdiger

yaakov shwekey mimkomcha

Yehuda Green singing at a Wedding in Boro Park

Yehuda Green-Nishmas Kol Chai

Shragy Gestetner singing Ani Maamin at the Bonei Olam Dinner in the Holocaust Museum, NYC

Yisroel Werdyger AT A WEDDING

Lipa Schmeltzer Funny Interview

Yisroel Werdyger And Evanal At Weintraub Feiner Chasunah

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Michoel Pruzansky and Mesamechai Leiv Orchestras hora set PART 1

nikelsburger rebbe mitzva tanz

A-Z Report with OHAD!

A-Z Report with OHAD! from Jewish Insights on Vimeo.

In this episode of A - Z Report series I get to interview superstar singer OHAD! Moskowitz from Eretz Yisroel. Ohad! tell about the most recent OHEL 5770 concert where he starred along the likes of Lipa and Abie Rotenberg. Find out how Ohad!'s latest album "My Music got started and what is the concept behind it. Ever wonder how the song "Stop Don't Think About It" came about? Find out now.



Benny Friedman AT A Wedding in Brookly

Avraham Fried sings no jew will be left behind at hasc 14

rav of kollel williamsburg dancing mitzva tanz

Ozer Babad presents KULOM AHUVIM LIVE! Starring MBD, Yeedle, Aaron Razel Shua Kessin & Avrumi Flam