Monday, January 30, 2012

Reb Moshe Feinstein Zt"l with Reb Yaakov Kamenetsky in Camp Agudah 1969

Footage from a visit to Camp Agudah in 1969 by Reb Moshe Feinstein, Reb Yaakov Kamenetsky, Rav Ruderman and Reb Boruch Sorotzkin, was just made public and uploaded for the very first time

Historic Film of Skolya Rebbe Zt"l Lekovid his Yahrtziet Today 6 Shvat

Rabbi Dovid Yitzchak Rabinowitz, the Skolya Rebbe (1898-1979)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beri Weber and Mezamrim at RCCS An Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Friday, January 27, 2012

Badchen Velvel Feldman Singing In Memory of His Brother Yoely A"H

Badchen Velvel Feldman Singing In Memory of His Brother Yoely A"H, who passed away at the young age of 29. At the Dinner for Ge'mach Zichron Yakov.

Baryo singing at Hadassah Hospital

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

7 Year Old Singing MBD's Shomrei with Pinny Ostreicher

Yitzchak Fuchs At a Kumzitz In Boro Park

Mizamrim With Shlomie Friedman Productions

Awesome Footage Of Mizamrim With Shlomie Friedman Productions, At A 1st Dance In Lake Terrace.

Cantor Yaakov Yosef Stark with Yedidim Choir

Cantor Yaakov Yosef Stark with Yedidim Choir sing's "Mekimi"at Yad Ephraim Dinner January 18 2012, in Boro Park

Yad Ephraim is a wonderful organization a group of dedicated volunteers who assemble and distribute complete dinner meals during Jewish Holidays more than 2000 meals are given out on Shabbos and Yom Tov to family members and companions of patients in Maimonides Medical Center and the Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Center.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Yumi Lowy At Yad Efraim Dinner With Yedidim Choir

Yumi Lowy singing 'Ki Am Kodosh Ato' together with the Yedidim choir at the Yad Efraim dinner in Boro Park

New Rising Star Wonderchild Singing At Yad Efraim Dinner

A new rising star wonderchild singing with the Yedidim choir at the Yad Efraim Dinner in Boro Park

Amaizing Badchen "Motty Ilowitz* - sheva bruches!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Avremi Roth-קנא לשמך

Yosef Chaim Shwekey Sings Chavivin At A Concert

Shloime Taussig with Yeddim Choir "Rotzoh"

Shloime Taussig with Yeddim Choir singing "Rotzoh" Compoesd by Yossi Green for Dedi (Released in 1993) at a Hatzolah of Boro Park Reunion Event December 27th 2011 in the Renaissance Hall in Borough Park, Avrumi Berko on the Keyboard

Monday, January 16, 2012

Yishai Lapidot singing for Mekimi

Michoel Schnitzler At A Wedding In Monsey With Freilach Band

Ohad moskowitz with the freilach orchestra and shira choir

Magnificent wedding at new York Hilton hotel with Ohad moskowitz and the freilach orchestra back rounds vocals by the famous shira choir
(unclear shot)
The wedding ended up with all stars of Jewish music started up with Baruch Levine at the chuppa then it was on stage yaakov shwekey, lipa schmeltzer, shlomie daskel, yossi green, ohad moskowits from Israel background vocals was done by the shira choir 1)shragy gold 2) yoely Horowitz 3)Zevi Freid 4)menacham moskowitz 5)levy folkowitz 6)moishy eisenberg with a 45 peace band by the amezing freilach orchorstra conducted by mendy herskowitz

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shmuel Ungar singing @ a Chanukah Party

Shloime Daskal and Mezamrim at RCCS An

Shloime Daskal and Mezamrim Choir Led By The Famous Chilu Posen Singing Live Shlomo Carlebach's Mimkomcha at The RCCS Chinese Auction On December 19 2011, Conducted by Yisroel Lamm An Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shira Choir in Detroit Michigan, 2012 singing MBD's Shalom Aleichem

MBD, Lipa and Helfgot singing Moshiach

Mordechai Ben David, Lipa and Yitzchak Meir Helfgot singing MBD's "Moshiach" at the Yad Eliyahu stadium in Israel on Yud Alef Nisan 5765, the Rebbe's 103th birthday.

"Aleh Katan" Shimmy Engel feat: Yishai Lapidot - Official Music Video

In honor of his upcoming marriage, well known wedding singer Shimmy Engel teams up with Israeli powerhouse Yishai Lapidot to release a music video of Lapidot's touching Aleh Katan.
Shimmy has been entertaining audiences for over six years with a combination of heartwarming vocals and an infectious energy that is hard to resist. One of the most sought after wedding singers within New York's Chasidic community, his debut album Listen and Live introduced Shimmy to an even wider audience who eagerly embraced his musical talents.
Lapidot is perhaps one of Israel's best known musical artists as his compositions and vocals grace an untold number of hits. Together these two very gifted singers have created a moving tribute with a song that metaphorically describes the tumultuous nature of life. For Shimmy personally, on the eve of his wedding, and for klal yisroel as a whole, when headlines seem to pit one Jew against another almost daily, this release of Aleh Katan is particularly timely, with moving footage of Zaka volunteers in action poignantly illustrating the lyrics of this powerful song -- that even in turbulent times we must stay true to ourselves and unite in anticipation of a brighter tomorrow.

The music video was produced by Sparks Production of New York and was directed by Danny Finkelman in New York and Aaron Orian in Jerusalem, with musical production by Ruli Ezrachi.

Shloime Daskal & Beri Weber An Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Shloime Daskal & Beri Weber Singing at a Wedding in Marina Del Rey on December 18,2011. Conducted By Yisroel Lamm An Aaron Teitelbaum Production

An Arranged Chuppa with Rosenblatt Productions & Dov Levine

What is an arranged Chuppa? Typically, when music is played, everyone has the same sheet music in front of them known as a "lead sheet". Musicians improvise, and play based around that sheet. Its nice. Its not inspiring. An arranged Chuppa is where each instrument has specially written music for themselves. That is the work of an arranger (Yitzy Spinner) who recreates the song based upon the number of musicians. When brought together, they create a beautiful song, in perfect harmony. Take a listen and let the music inspire you.

Shloimy Gertner At SHABATON With "בין איש ובן אחיו"

shloimy gertner at SHABATON with "בין איש ובן אחיו" at ocean place in lng branch nj

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shwekey singing Tzoma Lecha Nafshi

Yaakov Shwekey singing the Lubavitcher Rebbe's Tzoma Lecha Nafshi at the Yad Eliyahu stadium in Israel on Yud Alef Nisan 5766, the Rebbe's 104th birthday.

Lipa Schmeltzer rocks boro park

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yanni - Standing In Motion - Live - EvanAl Orchestra

EvanAl covers another classic. This one is by Yanni - Standing In Motion. This composition was written in honor of Abbitan / Portal wedding which took place in the Rye Town Hilton Dec 29th 2011.


Dovid Gabay Singing Meheira With The Shloime Dachs Orchestra

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Promo for the album ''Brothers'' By Tzudik greenwald



Yoely Greenfeld sing's in Israel

Yoely Greenfeld sing's Lipa Schmeltzer's Refa'einu in Israel

Monday, January 2, 2012

Lipa at the Schwartz Berg Wedding


"NEW" Rabbi Yoel Roth, Music video, ר' יואל ראטה

Beri Weber singing L'chee at his son's Vachnacht

Mendy Werdyger and Yedidim Choir - Tomid B'Chol Yom

Mendy Werdyger and Yedidim Choir sing "Tomid B'Chol Yom" a Song Which was Composed by Pinky Weber for Mendy Werdgyer's Latest Album, at a Hatzolah of Boro Park Reunion Event December 27th 2011 in the Renaissance Hall in Borough Park, Avrumi Berko on the Keyboard