Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kumzits with Naftuly Weill

Kumzits with Naftuly Weill Playing Guitar and Singing Yudah Greens Song

Yalili NeshomaOrchestra

Arele Samet with Yedidim Choir

Arele Samet sings with Yedidim Choir at a Wedding in Williamsburg March 2011

Yechadshaihu Greenfield

Yoely Greenfield at rechnitz bros after purim party accompanied by Yaron Gershovsky and Shloimy Cohen

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shades of Yossi Green and Shloime Gertner 'Shades of Shabbos'

Shades of Yossi Green and Shloime Gertner with Shades of Shabbos at the Bonei Olam dinner Manchester 28th March 2011

Yisroel Werdyger with Mezamrim Choir "T'shuvah"

Hasidic Singer Yisroel Werdyger with Mezamrim Choir led by Chilu Posen singing Yaakov Shwekey's "T'shuvah" from the Ad Bli Dai Album A song which was Composed by Yossi Green at the Bar Mitzvah of Ari the son of Sholi Richter in Boro Park 2010 Shloime Cohen-Saxophone Yanki Ketina-Guitar

Yossi Green singing Anovim with Shloime Salzman

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

225th Yarzheit Of Rabbi Elimelech Of Lizhensk 2011

225th Yarzheit Of Rabbi Elimelech Of Lizhensk Noam Elimelech 2011

"THE JAPAN SONG" - Official Music Video

Learn more or donate visit In an effort to raise both funds and awareness for two Israeli young men who are still being held in a Japanese prison almost three years after unknowingly bringing drugs into the country, Danny Finkleman, producer of the Unity project to benefit Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, has created another stunning music video, this one featuring two of the top names in Jewish music, superstars Shloime Daskal and Avraham Fried.

The Japan Song is a remake of the Dveykus 2 classic, In A Vinkele, later re-recorded as Tatte by Yaakov Shwekey, featuring all new lyrics by Moti Ilowitz and Moshe Kravitsky in both English and Yiddish. Filmed on two continents, much of the footage for the moving video was filmed at the Chiba Detention Center where the two are being held, only days before Japan was devastated by an earthquake-tsunami combination that claimed the lives of thousands.

The seven minute long video describes the plight of Yoel Zev Goldberg and Yaakov Yosef Greenwald, who are imprisoned in Japan after suitcases that they were carrying for someone else were found to contain drugs. The two, who passed polygraph tests, have long protested their innocence and a third young man, Yosef Bando, has already been released. Produced and directed by Finkelman in conjunction with Teltech Entertainment, The Japan Song is sponsored by the Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra and Hitech Merchant Services, with musical production by Eli Lishinsky and Nir Graf and cinematography by Mauricio Arenas and De Grupo Films.

While filming in Japan, Daskal and Finkelman had the opportunity to spend thirty minutes with each of the two young men. Meeting them and spending time at the Chiba Detention Center left Daskal and Finkelman feeling even more inspired than ever to do whatever they could to help the pair.

"While I was impressed with the good nature of the Japanese people and their respect for us as Jews," said Finkelman, "it was heartbreaking to realize that despite the fact that these two young men are imprisoned just a few feet away from each other, they are kept separated and have not spoken to each other for almost three years. While so many of us pray for the welfare of these two young men, it is important that we remember them both with prayers and the donations that are so desperately needed to fund their defense."

Donations can be made at, which also features the actual music video, song lyrics, information about the case and pictures of both the Chiba Detention Center and the recording sessions in both Japan and New York. Contributions can also be mailed to Ezras Rayim c/o Japan Boys, 17B Cedar Lane, Monsey, New York 10952.

Menashe Lustig - Pesach Cleaning

Menashe Lustig is realizing erev pesach that his car isn't clean yet, so he recommends everyone to clean their car at ProntoWash.

Enjoy the convenience of cleaning your car for pessach without the hassle.

A Project Of: Happy Productions

shiala glick with shmili shtienmentz @a chaseneh in london

shiala glick with shmili shtienmentz (with shiala ostalitz on keyboard) singing yoely greenfeld's amazing song "Eimusei"

Shimmy Engel sings at Wedding Dovi Tessler on the keyboard

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lipa Rocking Ya'alili With EvanAl in Ateres Chaya

zisha schmeltzer saying his opinion about lipa schmeltzer

Isaac Honig with Yedidim Choir "Moshe V'Aharon"

Hasidic Singer Isaac Honig Accompanied by the Yedidim Choir singing "Moshe V'Aharon" a song Composed by the Great Shlomo Carlebach at a Wedding in Williamsbrg Avrumy Berko On The Keyboard A Yoel Brach Production

Rak Tefilá Avraham Fried

Sparks Choir, Avraham Fried and Lipa Schmeltzer

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lipa with the Sparks Choir

Lipa Schmeltzer with the Sparks Choir at the Tzivos Hashem concert at the BAM theater in Brooklyn, NY. March 27, 2011.

Yankel Miller the Yarmer Ruv with Lipa Schmeltzer

Yankel Miller the Yarmer Ruv saying Divre Badchunes with Lipa Schmeltzer the Airmonter Ruv at a Sheva Bruches, also is seen Rav Friedlender the Lisker Ruv

Chayolei Hamelech - Holding Hands United

New music album featuring 9 camp songs, with original lyrics composed in Chayolei Hamelech, over the last four summers.

Produced by: Mendel Friedman

Directed by: Yossel Friedman and Zalmy Bryski

Vocals: Mendel Selwyn, Yanky Blasberg, Velvel Gordon, Shraga Telsner and Yossel Friedman

Musical arrangements and recording by: Benshimon Studios

Songs written by: Yoni Zeigelbaum, Levi Kershinberg, Didy Waks, Levi Marlow, Zalmen Baumgarten, Zalmy Raksin, Chanoch Rosenfeld, Mordechai Kaplan, Levi Avtzon, Chaim Stern, Gershon Reisnberg, Aizik Chanin and Rabbi Maychee Sherr.

CD cover design and layout by:

Promo Video by: Mendel Levin and Yossel Weinberger

Special thanks to: Rabbi Yankel Spritzer, Rabbi Shloime Rutman, Zalmy Spritzer, Mendel Friedman, Yossel Weinberger, Yossel Friedman, Zalmy Bryski and Shraga Telsner.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kids Choir sing Hamavdil

Kids Choir Accompanied by the The Meshorerim Choir led by Chaim Blumenfeld sing "Hamavdil" a Song Composed by the Legendary Ben Zion Shenker at the Kupat Ezra Dinner in Ateres Charna Hall Spring Valley, NY January 22 2011

"RIBONO SHEL OILOM!" The NEW hit song by Rabbi Yoel Roth shlit"a

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kids Got Talent Rehearsal Promo

Rehersals for Jewish Kids Got Talent show.Sunday March 27th 7pm at BAM.

Moshe rottenstein and moshe kestenbaum at a wedding

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

NACHAS the single - Produced by Eli Gerstner

Produced by Eli Gerstner. available for FREE download at

Shloime Daskal & Shimi Engel At Bein Ish Ubein Uchiv Purim Party 5771/2011

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

yoely lebowitz for kings county auto body shop

Audio Sampler for Nagila V'nismicha with Benny Friedman

Enjoy this small taste of the upcoming Nagila V'nismicha CD which will be in stores shortly! The album is produced by Avi Newmark, features Benny Friedman on vocals with arrangements by Avremi G. The album has 20 creative and hand picked songs sure satisfy every musical palate. The CD also contains two brand new songs composed by Elimelech Blumstein and newcomer Mendy Fisch. The CD is available for pre order now at $13.99 on, the album is being distributed by Aderet Music.

Purim Rap

Mezamrim Choir sings "Al Tiktzof"

Mezamrim Choir led by Chilu Posen sings "Al Tiktzof" Song Composed by Gideon Levine Dovi Tessler on the keyboard

Yishai Lapidot & Amiran Dvir At A KUMZITZ

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lipa Schmeltzer with Nussach Ari

Mordechai Ben David Sings Tov L'hodos


Kindergarten kids visit Weiss Bakery

new single meydad tasa "al tishaver":

Ethan Leifer sings shalom alechem

Cantor Ethan Leifer's opening number at "An Evening to Remember" at the Cantor's Concert at the Merrick Jewish Centre on March 12, 2011

Shua Kessin At Misameach Pre Purim Party

Monday, March 14, 2011

Acheinu Kol Beis Yisroel

Abei Rotenberg sings his very popular composition with Rivie Schwebel, Shlomo Simcha and Sruli Williger at the at the Lincoln Center Arutz Sheva Concert, Feb. 18, 2007.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pinky Weber & Pester Rebbe with Hilly Hill

The King of Badchunes Pinky Weber sings & Pester Rebbe with Hilly Hill saying Letzunes at a Sheva Bruches in Boro Park.

Shimon Craimer "Nashir Beyachad" live on Chabad Telethon

Shimon Craimer performing the title song "Nashir Beyachad" from his new album at the annual Chabad Chanukah telethon. Hosted by Rabbi Anchelle Perl and accompanied by the Neshoma Orchestra!

Shiru Lo Boys Choir Sing Libi Bamizrach

Mordechai Ben David (MBD) Sings Ribono Shel Olam at HASC #2 in 1989

Berry Webber Sings A Chuppa

Berry Webber Sings Mi Adir (Aish) and Mi Bon Siach (Shalsheles) With The EvanAl Orchestra. Conducted by Chaim Rosenblatt. Arranged by the one and only Yitzy Spinner. For Bookings And Info call 347-733-2034

Dovid Gabay sings at Wedding An Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Arale Samet sings with yedidim choir at wedding

Traveling Chasidim

Friday, March 11, 2011

Freilach Band with Shragy Gestetner

Shragy Gestetner sings at a Bar Mitzvah with the Freilach Band

Aaron Holder - Zaidy - Moshe Yess Cover

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shragy Gestetner Sings Ashreichem

Camp Yeshiva 5770 Music Video "TOGETHER"

The Maccabeats - Purim Song

Chaim Reinman at Lubin Itzkowitz Wedding

Man Uses Ipad As Guitar A Must See!!

Avraham Fried At A Concert Sings Israeli Medley

Avraham Fried At A Concert chabad upper east side celebrates 18 years

Shmuli Hartstein With Rosenblatt Productions

Older Russain Man Sings From His Youth

Sheves Chaverim sings their classic song Sof Davar

Sheves Chaverim sings their classic song Sof Davar, composed by Ari Goldwag. Live performance, recorded not long after the album was released in late 2009. Featured (in order of their solos) are Zev Sheff, Moshe Dov Goldwag, Shlomo Lipman, Yair Frohlich, and Baruch Sheff. The words are from the end of Koheles (Ecclesiastes). They are, "In the end, all is heard, fear God and keep his commandments, for this is all of Man."

Aryeh Kunstler "Mimamakim" Live

Aryeh Kunstler rocking his hit "Mimamakim" at a Chodesh Adar Chagiga in Brooklyn, NY

Monday, March 7, 2011


Yisroel Werdyger with Mezamrim Choir sing "Venikeisi Domom"

Michoel Pruzansky MP3 Video Promo

It’s been three and a half years since the release of Michoel Pruzansky’s last cd and his third album is due to hit store shelves in time for Purim. The CD is titled MP3, the album contains ten songs by some of the best composers in the Jewish music world including Yitzy Waldner, Yochanan Shapiro, Elie Schwab and a joint composition by Baruch Levine and Yitzy Bald. Also on board are arrangers Yanky Briskman, Elie Laufer, Ilya Lishinsky, Ian Frietor, Ruli Ezrahi and Leib Yacov Rigler. Featuring a wide range of musical styles including discos and another moving English song, this album is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The CD will be in stores this week, you can pre order the album now by going to

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mordechai Ben David (MBD) English Medley at HASC #2 in 1988

Yonatan Shainfeld Sings At A Wedding

Kid sings "A Sheinem Cholem" (Yiddish)

Kid sings "A Sheinem Cholem" with The Meshorerim Choir led by Chaim Blumenfeld Song Composed by Yossi Green at Kupat Ezra Dinner in Ateres Charna Spring Valley, NY January 22 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Michoel Schnitzler Rocking the House with Avrumi Berko Tzvi Goldring and Zisha Glauber

Eli Laufer At A Concert

Yisroel Werdyger - Torah - New Single

Yisroel Werdyger with a new single called 'Torah'.

Song was composed by Rav Hillel Palei and arranged by Shua Fried, recorded at MK Studios.

The song was composed in honor of a special series of events hosted by the Ger seminary in Yerushalayim which brings awareness to the role women play in supporting Torah.

The Berko Brothers At A Wedding

Amazing Tricks at Wedding in Israel

Man Performs Amazing Tricks at Wedding in Israel in Keter Rimon Hall Juggling with Fire & Balancing Chairs on his Head, also the 5 People Dance.

Rabbi Ben Zion Shenker

לחן: האדמו"ר רבי חיים שאול טאוב ממודז'יץ שליט"א.
שירה: ר' בן ציון שנקר.
מסיבת חול המועד סוכות תש"ע.

Yaldei - Chef Shabsi

The Yaldei raffle offers a real chance to multiply your Money. If you win the raffle, you will win the amount you donated paid out not only once, but every two weeks for the next year. That is a total of 25 payments throughout the year!

Mordechai Ben David "Chevron" Ohel 5758

Mordechai Ben David sings "Chevron" at the Ohel 5758-1998 concert in Madison Square Garden.
Watch how the crowd gets on the stage and dances with MBD (who is getting pushed around) till eventually the get kicked off.